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International Symposium Applied Business Management and Economics Researches

It will be held on 12-14 May, hosted by Bayburt University. Please click for abstract template.

Honorary President and Invited Speakers

Prof.Dr.Vedat BİLGİN

Minister of Labor and Social Security of Turkiye

Prof.Dr.Mutlu TÜRKMEN

Rector of Bayburt University

Invited Speakers

Prof.Dr.Ali Sinan BİLGİLİ

Ankara Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr.Ayşegül MENGİ

Ankara Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr.Deniz İşçioğlu

Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr.Muhammed Muhtar Şankiti

Hamad Bin Khalifa Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr.Mukayil Kılıç

Digital Business University

Prof.Dr.Namiko MINAI

Japan Women's Üniversitesi


Meiji Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr. Osman Demirdöğen

DAP Bölge Kalkınma İdaresi Başkanı

Prof.Dr.Ruşen KELEŞ

Ankara Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr. Violeta Madzova

Uluslararası Balkan Üniversitesi

Assoc.Prof. Eiko Ishikawa

Yokohama Şehir Üniversitesi

Barış Yeniçeri

Kalkınma Ajansları Genel Müdürü

Senior Lect.Dr.Rosmiza Bıdın

Putra Malezya Üniversitesi


Maku İslami Azad Üniversitesi

Oktay Güven

Kuzeydoğu Anadolu Kalkınma Ajansı Genel Sekreteri

Aim of Symposium and Workshop

A Workshop on New Trends in Economics and Management Sciences will be held in order to help solve general problems in the fields of economics and management and to discuss new developments.

Our symposium and workshop aims to examine the general trends that transform the nature of work focused on adapting to the business conditions of the modern age, survive in a challenging working life and focus on new talents. The participations of symposium are policy makers, business leaders, academics and economics experts.

The most important thing that distinguishes this workshop from others is that it covers the diversity of its topics and the new conditions created after the pandemic process.


Business (Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting)
Political science and public administration
International Business and Trade, Public Finance
Invited Speaker

Goods and services are produced to meet human's material needs and wants. Human is an entity that sustains his material life by consuming produced goods and services.

The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services constitute the economic field of social life.

Business; It is a social science that examines the establishment of profit-oriented institutions, financing, the provision of the means of production, the marketing of produced goods and services, their organization, management and monitoring of financial events.

The purpose of the Business Department is to provide a background and competitive strength.

Public Administration and Political Science deal with political and administrative issues through their scientific research and studies. It perform the political and political analyzes found in Political Science.

It examine the relationship between society and the state.